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IT and Networking


RealDomotics has years of experience in the delivery, installation and management of ICT systems for SMEs. We only use A-brands computer equipment. We specialize in platforms: Windows, Apple Mac and Linux. Where possible, Apple Mac has our preference.

Network infrastructure


RealDomotics can provide your entire network infrastructure:

  •     Construction of network cabling, both fiber optic and CAT6

  •     Measured network with certified measuring equipment

  •     Delivery and installation of Server Racks in technical space

  •     Dividing network segments via VLANs

  •     Advice, delivery and installation of Servers and workstations

  •     Specialist in the field of security and firewalls

  •     System management at a fixed monthly rate

Network Security


We are specialists in the field of securing computers and networks. For this we deliver, install and manage the award-winning products of Sophos, such as firewalls and end-point security software for installation on the workstations. In this way we can provide a complete Network-Security infrastructure for your company.


WiFi wireless network


RealDomotics is a certified installer of the products of the brand Unifi. With these products we can provide a professional and trouble-free WiFi network for you. This is a so-called "Managed-Wifi" system which consists of a fine network of a number of Wifi AccessPoints that are distributed throughout the building. This system has a dedicated dedicated controller that manages all Wifi Access Points centrally. This system is also suitable for centrally managing multiple office locations.


IP Telephony


We can also provide the IP Telephony for you:

  •     Brand independent advice on the choice of equipment

  •     Delivery and installation of all equipment

  •     Management by professional helpdesk

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