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Urban Living Space

Lighting is an essential part of interior design. It makes the difference between a good or moderate room. For example, a home with a lot of daylight influences the mood of the residents. Since we spend a large part of our time indoors, it is therefore also very important to make our living environment as pleasant as possible through lighting.


Traditionally, halogen or LED


RealDomotics is a specialist in the field of lighting. You can choose from the use of traditional light bulbs, halogen or LED lighting. For all types of lighting we have a solution for both switched and dimmable lighting. For the integration of lighting in building or home automation, we use professional KNX solutions.

LED lighting from DeltaLight

DeltaLight supplies LED lighting of high quality. DeltaLight has a wide range of LED lighting which is suitable for both switching and dimming. RealDomotics is a specialist in integrating all DeltaLight products into a KNX building automation.

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