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KNX: comfortable, safe and energy saving


Whether it concerns a single-family home or an office complex, the demand for comfort and flexibility for the management of lighting, air treatment and access control is increasing. At the same time, the more efficient use of energy is becoming increasingly important. KNX's intelligent control and control system offers greater comfort and safety coupled with lower energy consumption.

The great advantage of KNX is, among other things, its high reliability. Each KNX component has its own microcontroller and flash memory on board. The programming is stored in ALL participants. No central processing unit is required for KNX. There is therefore no "single point of failure" in a KNX system.

KNX: full freedom of choice


There are a large number of different suppliers and manufacturers that supply KNX components. All major brands such as Jung, Berker and Gira each have an extensive program of KNX components.

KNX: both wired and wireless


Besides the wired KNX system there is also the possibility of a wireless system called "KNX-RF". This is an industrial wireless system (no Wi-Fi) which can be fully combined with the wired version. Where the wired variant is usually used for new construction and renovation, the wireless variant is very suitable for so-called "retrofit" installations. In this way, by simply replacing the existing light switches with a KNX-RF variant, an existing conventional installation can be made suitable for the KNX system without having to pull cables.

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