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Paxton Net2 Access Control


The Paxton Net2 access control system is fully online and offers centralized management and control over locations with one to thousands of doors and up to 50,000 users. Perfect customized access authorization - for groups or individuals that can be quickly and easily adapted to our intuitive and user-friendly software.



  • Most complete access control system

  • Full online access control

  • Central management of access rights

  • Manage thousands of doors, 50,000 users

  • Event report

  • Very scalable, doors and users are easy to add

  • Door intercom with built-in tag reader and keypad

  • No software licenses

  • Free software updates

Suitable for


  • Small and medium-sized buildings

  • Office buildings

  • Multi-company buildings

  • Apartments complexes

  • Houses

  • Integration of interior doors and exterior doors

  • Integration of fences

  • Integration of passenger lifts

  • Integration of barriers and parking places

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